Why attend Adminovate?

Since the Financial crisis the Funds Industry has faced a series of massive challenges. A tsunami of regulations have been passed globally, Investors are demanding lower fees, higher returns and geo political risks such as Brexit continue to add pressure.

Fund Managers and in turn Fund Service Providers are seeing increased costs and continued fee compression.

So where does the Industry go from here and how can companies grow their business while increasing the bottom line?

Adminovate was created to answer those questions by showcasing innovation in people, processes and technology across the Industry.

We strongly believe the successful future of the Industry lies in a innovative people driven and technology powered approach.

Nokia’s fall from grace below should be a warning to the boards of all large companies. Disruption will come and if you don’t preempt it you are done.

Finally, on the front lines of operations, we endorse the wisdom of Rear Admiral and Pioneering Computer Scientist, Grace Hopper, below:

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